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  • Prof. Gerry Saulter & Alhambra Guitars (3:23)

    Check out Prof. Gerry Saulter and his Alhambra Guitar in action with his group Serenade Duo. He discusses his personal experience with Alhambra and how he came to use their instruments. These guitars are hand crafted in Spain and provide all of the projec

  • Alhambra USA models (3:40)

    Established in 1965, Alhambra combines traditional craftsmanship and modern woodworking technologies to design and produce some of the finest classical and flamenco guitars in the world. Alhambra guitars are widely recognized throughout Europe for their quality, design and superior tonal qualities. Finally, guitarists in the USA can experience what professional flamenco and classical guitarists in Europe have enjoyed for generations.

  • Eduardo Minozzi Costa plays "Tempo de Criança" by Dilermando Reis (02:02)

    Eduardo Minozzi Costa, first prize winner of the Alhambra USA International Guitar Competition, plays "Tempo de Criança" by Dilermando Reis on his Alhambra Linea Profesional guitar.

  • Fareed Haque plays "La Rose" by Mauro Giuliani (Op. 46, No. 9) on the Alhambra Luthier India (02:51)

    "La Rose" by Mauro Giuliani (Op. 46, No. 9) with improvised cadenza written by Fareed Haque.

    From Fareed's performance at All Star Guitar Night at the NAMM show January 2011.

    Produced by The Indie Mind.

  • Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos & Alhambra Guitars (07:10)

    Cesar Rosas discusses his history as a musician as well as his affinity for Alhambra Guitars.

    Cesar plays the Alhambra Flamenco guitar model 7Fy CT E2, left-handed. This is a thinline cutaway flamenco guitar with the Fishman Pro Blend system installed, allowing the player to blend an internal mic with the undersaddle pickup.

    Produced by The Indie Mind

  • Ricardo Cobo on the Ricardo Cobo Signature Guitar by Alhambra (12:54)

  • The Guitar of Rafael Aguirre (2012) - Alhambra Guitars (6:30)

    Continuing with our love of music and the guitar, this is the second instalment in our guitar series and was made possible thanks to the guitar maker Guitarras Alhambra: This time around, we had the pleasure of recording Rafael Aguirre, a young international performer who was recording his second album for Naxos with Emmy-winning Norbert Kraft, one of the best recording engineers for the classical guitar. We showed up with a Canon 5D, Sigma & Zeiss lenses, and a small crane. The guitar audio is the LIVE feed from their professional recording setup. There is no playback going on and each shot is a LIVE AudioVisual creation pieced together in editing. Really worth listening to with good headphones or nice speakers.

  • Preludio BWV 997 de J. S. Bach, Eduardo Baranzano, guitarra (3:53)

    - Preludio BWV 997, Johann Sebastian Bach - Eduardo Baranzano, Primer Premio Concurso Internacional Guitarra Alhambra 1990. - Eduardo Baranzano toca una guitarra Alhambra Modelo José María Vilaplana. Serie NT - Concierto Extraordinario, realizado en el Palau de la Música de Valencia, con motivo de la Gala del 50 Aniversario de Manufacturas Alhambra. Imagen y edición de vídeo: Carmina Andrés

  • Guajiras Paco de Lucía. Alí Arango, guitarra (3:35)

    - Guajiras de Paco de Lucía - Alí Arango, Primer Premio Concurso Internacional Guitarra Alhambra 2014. - Alí Arango toca una guitarra Alhambra Modelo Luthier 50 aniversario. Ziricote - Concierto Extraordinario, realizado en el Palau de la Música de Valencia, con motivo de la Gala del 50 Aniversario de Manufacturas Alhambra. Imagen y edición de vídeo: Carmina Andrés

  • 'Star Wars Suite' de John Williams. Rafael Aguirre, guitarra (7:03)

    - Star Wars Suite de John Williams - Rafael Aguirre, Primer Premio Concurso Internacional Guitarra Alhambra 2010. - Rafael Aguirre toca una guitarra Alhambra Modelo José Miguel Moreno. Serie C. Utiliza un golpeador transparante. - Concierto Extraordinario, realizado en el Palau de la Música de Valencia, con motivo de la Gala del 50 Aniversario de Manufacturas Alhambra. Imagen y edición de vídeo: Carmina Andrés

  • Yesterday - Alhambra Crossover CS3 CW - Chema Vilchez - Flamenco Jazz (3:48)

    Alhambra Guitars introducing the Crossover Line. Chema Vílchez, Flamenco Jazz guitar player and composer, playing an Alhambra CS-3 CW S E2. Paul McCartney´s Yesterday. Guitar arrangement: Chema Vílchez

  • The Brouwer Effect - Etude#6 (1:28)

    The Leo Brouwer Effect Leo Brouwer (1939) has had a profound impact on the concert guitar. Through his contribution as both a player and a composer, he has expanded the guitar repertoire from both the stage to academia. He continues to be instrumental in broadening the guitar audience worldwide and creating true appreciation of modern music for the concert guitar. The process for us as artists is never ending, and we find influences from all around us. For many years the works of Brouwer have been a part of my life as a guitarist. I consistently work with a variety of his studies and solo pieces with my college students. I believe a collection such as his Estudios Sencillos are profound studies for any student of guitar. In a word, they are indeed essential. What motivated me to begin this blog with a narrative about Leo Brouwer, a composer who's name in synonymous with "modern", was witnessing something that was in fact very traditional - the visit of Pope Francis to the new world this past week. The Holy Father began his visit in Cuba, and it sparked me to think of all things Cuban; from food and drink, to of course, music. As the Pope's visit expanded to the USA, naturally he was on a parade of historical pageantry and ceremony, however the message was one of love and family in our time, for the world today. I believe The Brouwer Effect can be described as quite similar; it is his development of music following a tradition of form and structure, but with a modern message, expanding our guitar family. Take for example the following as it relates to his compositions: He is unafraid to utilize guitar idioms, but does so without sounding cliché. He has no problem musically "borrowing from himself," a trait linked to many other master composers throughout history. He follows in the tradition of Nationalistic composers, as he borrows frequently from folk music of his Afro-Cuban culture. He has a comprehensive understanding of the guitar, both technically and dynamically. For the student and player, his works can vary from easy to difficult, but they are always natural to play for the guitarist. He has remained confident in the direction of his writing through the years, choosing to "zig" when other composers "zagged." Even when his music is at its most "avant garde" it often displays an organization that could be described as traditional. He is generous with his life's work, providing new material to the essential players of each era as he continues to expand the guitar repertoire. The result for us as a family of guitar players is a wonderful body of work that is inspiring, motivational, and challenging. I have recorded Étude #6 from his Estudios Sencillos collection...I hope you enjoy! Recorded on my iPhone, no edits or sonic enhancements. Guitar: Alhambra Linea Professional, Philippe Bertaud signature model Strings: D'Addario j46tt's

  • JustFriends.mp4 (4:13)

    Videoclip realizado por Producciones LasNuestras en Febrero de 2012, en el bar Chaiz, para la firma de guitarras Alhambra, junto con el guitarrista Marcos Teira.

  • Syndication by Michael Orendy from The Acoustic Guitar Project (3:45)

    For more videos from The Acoustic Guitar Project please go to

  • MODINHA Antonio Carlos Jobim / Serenade Duo & Carlos Barbosa-Lima (4:12)

    Serenade Duo / Gerry Saulter & Michelle LaPorte with legendary guitarist Carlos Barbosa-Lima. Carlos arranged the Jobim classic and Serenade Duo performed this work with Barbosa-Lima on his 50th anniversary concert at Carnegie Hall in 2008. Michelle LaPorte, flute & Gerry Saulter, guitar

  • Irina Kulikova Winner 2010 Alhambra Competition (1:42)

    Irina Kulikova plays guitar by Jose Maria Vilaplana (modelo India). Preludio from California Suite by Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey. Produced by Norbert Kraft and Bonnie Silver for Naxos

  • Cem Duruöz plays Alhambra Luthier India guitar. (14:05)

    Turkish born guitarist Cem Duruöz (or "Gem" as pronounced in his native tongue) began his training with Safa Gürbüz and continued with Ahmet Kanneci. He won the first prize in the Turkish National Guitar Competition at the age of seventeen. Subsequently he participated in the master-classes of John Duarte, Oscar Ghiglia and Eliot Fisk in Europe, received his Master's degree at the San Francisco Conservatory and completed his graduate guitar studies at The Juilliard School with Sharon Isbin. As an enthusiastic educator, Cem Duruöz has been giving master-classes throughout the world and teaching guitar performance at Wesleyan University in the USA. Guitar Alhambra Luthier India: Buy online shipped directly from us:

  • Philippe Bertaud Plays his composition "Latine" (3:40)

    Composer Philippe Bertaud performs "Latine", original composition at Festival Hill's Edythe Bathes Chapel in Round Top, TX.

  • Cesar Rosas plays "Volver Volver" (2:04)

    Cesar Rosas from the band Los Lobos, plays the famous song "Volver, volver" by Fernando Maldonado and popularized by Vicente Fernandez.